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Braided heating cable for frost protection

Heating Cable

Frost ProtectionFS-A-2X Self regulating earth braided heating cable for frost protection. Suitable for metal and plastic pipes. Power output at 5°C is 10.9W/m.

FS-B-2X The same as FS-A-2X, but suitable for larger pipes (plastic or metal). Power output at 5°C is 27.4W/m.

FS-C-2X The same as before, but can withstand temperatures up to a maximum of 95oC. Power output at 5°C is 30.3W/m.

Energy efficient: The Raychem system saves money through low operating costs and zero maintenance. Energy consumption is minimised because the self-regulating cables automatically adjust their output according to the ambient temperature. Furthermore, the Raychem “Smart” Controller (such as the Raystat-ECO-10) make significant energy savings over conventional thermostats.



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