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hot waterRaychem Hot water temperature maintenance system

Description: The hot water temperature maintenance system offers a simple, proven alternative to older re-circulation systems.

Combining Hot Water Comfort with Economy...

The self-regulating heating cable on a single pipe hot water system compensates for heat losses and maintains the water temperature.

It eliminates the need for return pipework, additional insulation, circulation pumps and balancing valves.



There are two options:

Basic system - Typical maintained temperature of 55°C

Advanced system

  • Variable temperature maintenance between 50-65°C... by use of a controller - HWAT-ECO
  • Switching capability via the BMS
  • Programmable thermal Legionella prevention phase
  • User interfacing with display, LED’s and audible alarm
  • Boiler temperature monitoring

Systems - Both systems comply with all the current codes of practice for the control of Legionnaires’ disease.

Applications: The Raychem system can be used with any type of hot water services, either a ‘new build’ or a refurbishment and in particular in hotels, hospitals, schools and offices.

Operating cost savings: with the Raychem hot water maintenance there is no return pipework, therefore, no extra heat loss. The flow pipe temperature is automatically managed and there is no additional power consumption from the pump. Independent studies have shown savings in running costs averaging at 25%, compared with a re-circulation system.

Maintenance free & naturally balanced: With no circulation loops the Raychem system remains naturally balanced and with no moving parts the system is maintenance free.


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